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Nurture Yourself

About Nurtured Clothing

Nurtured Clothing is an empowerment fashion apparel and merchandise brand. They empower individuals to practice mental, emotional and physical self-care through words of affirmation. Nurtured Clothing encourages individuals to stay strong, hopeful and to nurture their gifts, lives, and inhibitions during both good and challenging times. 


About the Founder

Founder, Charles Morris created a brand where people could express hope and push for change, positivity, and empowerment within and outside of the community. He is passionate about transforming lives and designing clothing that people are proud to wear. His vision for Nurtured Clothing extends beyond a t-shirt or hoodie. Charles understands that Nurtured Clothing’s affirmations help motivate the masses which is creating a strong movement focused on self-improvement.

Company bio

Vision: To create clothing that would encourage self-nurturing by using positive affirmations to motivate positive changes in the lives of people throughout the world.

Belief: People are unable to be at their best if they don’t take time out for themselves to rest, relax and renew. It is our desire to empower people to reach their full potential through encouraging their personal growth. 

Audience: Women | Men | Kids 


The “Nurture Your” design was created to look worn or aged to represent the time-consuming journey to becoming the best you. The word “YOUR” is the main focus of the design, because we want our brand to be a constant reminder to focus on "YOURSELF."

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NurTured Clothing customer revieWs

Love, love, love my sweatshirt - thank you - and best wishes with your business.

V. Harrison

Joe and I love our sweatshirts and we love the quality of the material used in making them! I will definitely be a repeat customer.

T. Blaine

I'm blessed and bragging! How can others get them?

F. Clarke