My Story


Outside, it was chaos, but inside Charles Morris’ head, an idea for a truly inspirational brand was being birthed. It was 2020, and the pandemic was brewing and while Charles would normally be out and about in the world, instead, he found himself in a prolonged period of “forced reflection.”

For an inexplicable reason, all roads pointed to John Coltrane and the “Genius is Common” movement. Why these two ideas? Well, when Charles pressed play on a documentary called “Chasing Trane,” things seemed to click into focus. Coltrane, considered a creative genius, made one of the greatest jazz albums ever. How did he do it? He had to nurture his talent and his genius. Continually. Every single day. At the same time, Charles was latching onto the concept that each of us can tap into to this so-called “genius” ourselves. This is when the big eureka moment happened. While imagining that genius could be accessed by anyone who actively seeks it out, Charles envisioned a “note to self” that you could wear. A daily reminder that inspires reflection and integration into our lives to usher in joy and appreciation. It was at that moment that the brand launched into the world.

He started out with “NURTURE YOUR GENIUS,” which was a major hit. Soon enough, the brand branched out, adding more and more meaningful words to the catalog, such as: Health, Purpose, Culture, Dreams, Faith, and Pride. If nothing else, Charles hoped the humans around him would work toward being good to themselves, focusing on the positive, and pushing through to create meaningful change.

In a culture where constant burnout is the norm, being reminded that your care is not selfish is necessary and urgent. It’s the public service announcement we all need right now.


The vision for the brand is to create clothing that encourages permanent lifestyle changes by using positive affirmations to nurture self-care in the lives of people throughout the world.

What is NURTURE?

NURTURE is defined as the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something.


The “Nurture Your” design was created to look worn or aged to represent the time-consuming journey to becoming your best self.  The word “YOUR” is the main focus of the design, because we want our brand to be a constant reminder to focus on "YOUR" self-care.


People are unable to be at their best if they don’t take time out for themselves to rest, relax and renew.  It is our desire to empower people to reach their full potential through encouraging their personal growth. 

For more information about Nurtured Clothing, visit our read our story and explore our media kit.